Индивидуальные студенческие работы

Контрольная работа по английскому языку to be have got

Пособие утверждено на заседании кафедры английского языка гуманитарных факультетов РГУ. Приведенный ниже текст получен путем автоматического извлечения из оригинального PDF-документа и предназначен для предварительного просмотра. Изображения картинки, формулы, графики отсутствуют. My family … … live in the country, but now we live in a big city. She … never let me come back home late in the evening. Correct whatever is wrong in the following. I use to like drawing when I were a child. What was you did yesterday at 9 p.

Who do you look at? I look to that girl. Did you saw them? Does he has some English books at his house? Choose the correct alternative in each sentence. He really liked the film. Translate the following sentences into English. Когда я вернулся домой, родители спали. Что ты делал вчера весь вечер? Я тебе звонил, но никто не контрольная работа по английскому языку to be have got на звонок.

Он не любил работать, когда другие отдыхали. Я разговаривал с другом, когда в класс зашел учитель. Когда-то я жил в этом доме и любил этот двор. Мы, бывало, играли под тем деревом. Test 4 Variant I I. Open the brackets using the correct form of the verbs in Present Perfect or Past simple.

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку; 4 класс

When Jill finish school? I paint the ceiling today. I think somebody take it by mistake. The following sentences contain mistakes with the Past Simple and Past Participle form of irregular verb. Find the mistakes and write sentences out again correctly. My mum and dad buyed me a bicycle.

The wind has blowed down all the trees in our street.

Ответы к контрольной работе.

Our dog has bited me three times. I spended all my pocket money on sweets. The text contains different types of mistakes. Last week my classmates and I went on a excursion to the toy museum in London. The section I very much liked was the dolls. There was even one from my country. On the other hand Andress and Mehmet realy liked the model railway. Jorge and Hiroshi spended most of the time looking at the tin soldiers. We all realy loved the collection of teddy bears.

Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 3-го класса

We had lanch in a cafй and traveled back to school by doble-decker bus. It was very nice trip. After I thinked that childrens all the world over are контрольная работа по английскому языку to be have got the same. Use the correct tag. He can play golf well, …? You are new secretary, …? Evans is speaking over the phone, …? You like black coffee, …? You should stay with either me or your son, …?

Ты видела сегодня Боба? Когда ты его выдела? Ты уже отправила письмо? Когда ты отнесла письмо на почту? Ты уже купила ей подарок? Когда ты ходила в магазин? Ты уже ходила в буфет? Когда у тебя был перерыв на обед? Ты уже слушал новости по радио? Ты уже сдал экзамен? Когда ты его сдавал? Test 4 Variant II I. My parents be to the USA many times. I send it the day before yesterday. I lose my glasses.

I have them when I came to the college this morning. When I throuwed the ball yesterday our dog catched it. I falled over at school twice this week. He breaked his leg today. Did you hear about it? Who teached you all this? Read the text attentively.

The text contains different mistakes in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and word order. Find and correct the mistakes. They sent a letter the day before yesterday, …? There will be nice film on TV tonight, …? Neither your parents nor mine can lend us some money, …?

Oh, there are a lot of photos in the album, …? There was nobody there, …? Британская делегация уже приехала? Они уже были на выставке? Когда они ездили на выставку? Я встал очень рано. Я давно знаю об. Test 5 Variant I I. Choose the right variant. Perhaps in the future men … on the sea, away from the crowded and noisy cities on land.

Dennis has a cold. He … probably stay home in bed today. Wait there and I … get an aspirin for you. Decide which form of the verb is correct in these sentences. Fill in the gaps with prepositions. My little brother is afraid … spiders. Look … this photo!

Do you really believe … ghosts? Dad was tired … hard work in the garden. Young people like to listen … music. British pubs are контрольная работа по английскому языку to be have got … they traditional kind of beer called "real ale". Fresh fruit is good … your health.

Match the sentences from column A with a sentence from column B.