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Работа с текстом "Television, computers, books" As far as books and computers are concerned, I can say in my firm confidence that computers will never replace books. First because they fulfil different functions. But one computer is worth the whole library.

Historical novels, adventure books, detective stories, science fiction, romance, poems, recommended by teachers create a special atmosphere. They take us into the imaginary world of high human emotions, exciting relations.

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A computer can help you контрольная по английскому языку по теме чтение reading these books without turning the pages but working on the computer demands certain effort. You are to sit straight, not to stoop, you keep your finger on the keyboard. Besides computers have a harmful impact on the eyesight. Screen versions of literary masterpieces add much to our understanding the author and arouse unforgettable emotions. But books are the greatest wonders in the world, which brings us knowledge and bring us up.

Through centuries and distances we can keep in touch with the greatest minds in the universe. Find English equivalents to these Russian sentences.

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Что касается книг и компьютеров, я твердо уверен, что компьютеры никогда не заменят книги. Я уверен, что компьютеры нельзя сравнить с художественной литературой. Исторические романы, приключенческие книги, детективы, научная фантастика, романы и стихи, которые мы читаем ради удовольствия или по рекомендации учителей, создают особую атмосферу. Книги - это величайшее чудо в мире. Они дают знания и воспитывают.

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Через времена и расстояния мы можем соприкоснуться с величайшими умами человечества. Choose the correct variant to finish the sentences. It is quicker and easier to find the necessary information in the reference book.

A computer can help you in reading books without turning the pages but working on the computer has a harmful impact on eyesight. Работа над словообразовательными суффиксами и приставками. How It Affects Us. You can study foreign languages and even study in universities. Работа над устной речью Teacher: As you контрольная по английскому языку по теме чтение understand reading books is very important, interesting and useful. Share your opinion on this topic. Do you spend too little time on reading books?

Why do children today read so little? How used they keep themselves contented Before this monster was invented?