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Контрольная по английскому по теме семья

I have got a father I have got a mother I have got a sister I have got a brother Father, mother, Hand and hand with one another Постановкацелей, задачурока Today at the lesson we are revising all we know about the family.

Английские слова на тему Семья (Family)

That is the words and phrases, questions and answers, conversations and reports about the family. Входит почтальон, приносит письмо из Лондона: I have a letter for you! I read,you listen to me!

My name is Mike. I want to tell you about my family.

Контрольная работа "My family"

My family is not big. I have a mother,a father,a sister. My mother is a teacher. She is very kind and beautiful. My father is 45.

Презентация по английскому языку на тему "My family" (2 класс)

He is a doctor. He is strong and brave. I have not a brother.

Английский для детей. Задания в картинках по теме My family

But I have got a sister. Her name is Kate. Kate likes to play with our pets. She is older than me.

Презентация к уроку

I am 10 years old. We have got grandparents. They live in the country. We visit our grandmother and grandfather on Sundays. I like my family very much! And what about you?

Английские слова на тему семья (Family)

Bestwishes, MikeBrown Текст читается первый раз без опоры, второй раз- с опорой на текст, выведенный на экран. Задание- восстановить предложения, связанные с содержанием текста.

  • My mother is a teacher;
  • Я люблю ее и горжусь ею.

You must complete sentences.