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Grammar exercises Переведите на английский язык. Я счастлив быть в Сан-Франциско. Мне нужно работать сверхурочно. Невозможно разговаривать по телефону с четырьмя людьми. У тебя есть время помочь мне? Шэрон хочет поехать в Канкун. Питеру нужно еще время, чтобы закончить экзамен. У меня нет времени смотреть телесериалы. Я отказываюсь смотреть телесериалы. Фред хочет посетить Аляску.

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How Do I Get There? Lexical exercises Заполните пропуски предлогами места и направления. The children are playing … the garden. Yesterday I saw a friend of mine standing … the bus station. My brother is a student. He is … University. There are a lot of books … the library. We heard a bird singing … the tree. You can see a river and a forest … the picture. Do it … home. There are a modern tv series are better than blockbuster films эссе of clouds … the sky. Take your book and open it … page 10, please.

The pupils are writing words … their copy-books. Вставьте предлоги on, in или into. Where is the book? Where is the tea? Put the plates … the table. Put the book … the bag. There is a beautiful picture … the wall. He went … the room. I like to sit … the sofa … my room.

Mother is cooking dinner … the kitchen. She went … the room and sat down … the sofa. There are many people … the park today. There is a girl standing … the bridge.

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Why is she crying? There is no tea … my cup. Pour some tea … my cup. Put these flowers … the window-sill. We went … the garden and sat down … a bench. The teacher hung a picture … the blackboard. I opened the door and went … the classroom.

Modern TV series are better than blockbuster films.

The teacher was writing some words … the blackboard. The pupils were writing these words … their exercise-books.

There were two maps … the wall and some flowers … the window-sills. I saw a pen … the floor. I picked it up and put it … the table. He put his hand … his pocket, took out a letter and dropped it … the mail-box which hung … the wall of the house.

Modern tv series are better than bl

Then he got … his car and drove off. We did not want to modern tv series are better than blockbuster films эссе … town on such a hot day, so we went … the country. It is very late: Go … bed at once. Where is your little sister? We live … the country. My father goes … work every day, so he stays … town. But sometimes he comes … the country after work and goes back … town early in the morning, when I am still … bed.

Переведите на английский язык следующие словосочетания. Grammar exercises Задайте к следующим предложениям специальные вопросы, начиная со слов в скобках. Обращайте внимание на форму глагола, а также на вопросы к подлежащему. My dad went fishing to the lake with his brother twice a month. They will book a room at a hotel in Madrid during their honeymoon.

I have just seen our neighbor in the supermarket. There are five polar bears in the zoo. Bob was a successful businessman because modern tv series are better than blockbuster films эссе owned 3 clothes stores in New York.

I can see hundreds of bright stars in the sky now. Julia is cooking Mexican food in the kitchen. Выразите свое сомнение или удивление, образовав разделительные вопросы. Mark bought this souvenir in India. Ella misses her mother. These skyscrapers were built before the war. He will run a private hospital. She has made a final decision. Your dog can crawl under a chair. Sam and Kate are going to become vegetarians. К каждому modern tv series are better than blockbuster films эссе задайте по одному общему вопросу и несколько альтернативных, используя предлагаемые в скобках варианты.

Alice annoys me by her bright make-up. Ann — clothes — Does Alice annoy you? Does Alice or Ann annoy you? Does Alice annoy you by her bright make-up or clothes?

They heard a noise in the living room. Sunday — by plane The photos are in a drawer of the wardrobe.

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